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January 21, 2019
News > Germany Emergency and Relief Representatives Visited the Research Center in Emergency and Disaster Health

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Germany Emergency and Relief Representatives Visited the Research Center in Emergency and Disaster Health

An expert team who are involved in emergency medical services in Germany, attended in Research Center in Emergency and Disaster Health.

Dr Drik Herr Grabowski, Annika Frau Philhauer, and Pierre Enric Herr Steiger, Germany emergency and relief representatives, aimed to assess the different aspects of academic collaborations and so, they got to know related infrastructures, facilities and scientific potentials. After that, they participated in a scientific meeting which was conducted by eagerly gathering of scientific board affiliated to different Iranian medical universities, researchers, post doc and PhD students in this field.

In this attendance, Prof. Hmid Reza Khankeh, head of research center and department, expressed welcome massage to German specialist team and then provide the opportunity to present the mission and vision and also key achievements in the University of social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences by Dr Mohammad Ali Bandpai, vice chancellor in International affair. After that, the participants introduced themselves and their interested field in disaster health. Also, prof. Khankeh introduced the scientific board, aims, activities, educated and training programs, developing scientific evidences, and future plans of the Research Center in Emergency and Disasters Health. He also discussed about developing approaches to improve their collaboration with related national and international organizations. Finally, he presented the students' projects to fill the gaps based on need assessment.

In the second session of meeting, two short movies were displayed to introduce emergency medical services in Germany and then, the German representatives clarified some issues which were asked by Iranian students and researchers.


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